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Compute Accounting Principles Can Help Reduce AI Risks Permalink


Computational power, colloquially known as “compute,” is the processing resource required to do computational tasks, such as training artificial intelligence (AI) systems. Compute is arguably a key factor driving AI progress. Over the last decade, it has enabled increasingly large and powerful neural networks and ushered in the age of deep learning. Given compute’s role in AI advances, the time has come to develop standard practices to track the use of these resources.

Will AI Make Cyber Swords or Shields? Permalink


This report provides three examples showing that, while the future of technology is impossible to predict with certainty, there is enough empirical data and mathematical theory to have these debates with more rigor. A technical anlysis published here

NYC Law Regulating AI Hiring Systems Needs Work Permalink


Decades of work to create fair and equitable hiring practices risk being erased as artificial intelligence (AI) is introduced into the process. What’s at stake are the values that we hold most dear: equality, dignity, and fairness. The challenge is apparent in the wake of the passage of one of the first pieces of legislation to address AI in hiring in the country, in New York City.